Friday, July 27, 2012

1100 and Counting!

The Made in Hawaii Festival is just a few short weeks away (August 17-19) and there's a lot of scarf dyeing going on at my house.  My goal is to double the number of scarves I took last year so that means I have a goal of 1200 scarves to get ready to go by August 12.

As of now I have 1100 scarves dyed but some of them still need to be ironed. I think I will meet my goal.

So if you're going to be in Honolulu that weekend, be sure to stop by my booth #111 at the Blaisdell Center and say Hi. There are 400+ vendors for you to check out and they all have great products that they make right here in Hawaii.  They are strict about making sure the products really are made in Hawaii and strict about making sure you and your booth follow all the rules which makes for a really high quality show.

I was so happy to be accepted into last years show and even happier when they gave me permission to leave on Day 2 after we sold out. Normally you are expected to stay at your booth and hand out business cards for the rest of the show if you sell out but we didn't even have any cards left to hand out. This year we're doubling our inventory and I hope that will see us through all three days. However, if you're planning to come and look for a scarf in a particular color, don't wait until the last day!

We'll have scarves with and without fringe in sizes ranging from 12x60 to 15x72, shawls (22x72") and pareaus (45x72). All have a silk background with a rayon design and can be washed by hand. And all of them are hand dyed by me in a wide variety of color combinations. We have a color for everyone. And if you are buying the scarf for a gift, ask us about our gift bag, photo card and scarf set. Easy no mail, no need to shop for a box or card and lightweight means low postage costs.


sonja said...

that is a lot of colorful scraves to make and i want one in every color!

Kathy said...

and wouldn't I be a happy camper if someone bought one in every color. I'd be sold out with just one customer!


Anonymous said...

Kathy, Lynda here. Your work is beautiful! I miss my Mobil friend. Write? Please write. I still cherish the quilts you sold me. LKJ