Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photographing Honolulu

I just took a photography class in Honolulu from Fred Larson who was a photojournalist for 30 years for the San Francisco Journal and is now freelancing and teaching classes. The class was really geared more towards people with more experience and higher-end cameras than mine so I wasn't able to do some of the special effects he taught but I did learn enough to switch my camera from "point and shoot" mode and start doing my own settings, so that was more than I expected.

We spent four nights in four different locations, taking a variety of pictures, mostly of people.

Here are a few of mine:

Looking towards Diamond Head from Magic Island

Sunset from Magic Island

Sailing near the Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki

This bird was in the pond with the taro at
Moanalua Gardens

This lady was a dancer at the Prince lot Hula Festival

Some of the artifical hair ornaments for sale at the hula festival

Our instructor standing in front of a door in Chinatown

This is Christie. She really wanted to pose for us in Chinatown 

Christie again.

A bouncer outside a bar in Chinatown

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sonja said...

Nice photos Kathy. you have a good eye. great to see you at my booth at Haleiwa Arts Festival Saturday! i hope you had a great class and mini vacation. i was booth #111!