Saturday, May 19, 2012

More from the Quilt Show

I think I liked this one because of the colors. The quilter said she made this for a class she was teaching where the students were not allowed to use solid colors.

This one caught my eye when I read the wall card. The quilter made it when she retired. it is made of all the silk scarves she used to wear to work.

This caught my eye because the quilter dyed her own indigo fabric and in a shibori pattern.

Here you can see some of the different ways ypu can fold fabric when dyeing it to make patterns

I like 3D looking patterns and the black bornders around the blocks really made these blocks float.  You can't see it in the photo very well but the center of each block is a cathedral window.

And you couldn't have a quilt show in Hawaii without some Hawaiian quilts.

And finally, there is the flamenco dancer. The background was made to look like a serape, complete with hand crocheted fringe along the bottom and a 3D sombrero near the top.

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sonja said...

thanks for quilt show report and photos. i never did get over to town to see it so this was a joy.