Friday, October 8, 2010

Cookies and Quilting in Hilo

Whenever I go to Hilo I always stop at Big Island Candies. Not only do they have yummy cookies and brownies and chocolates, but they have the cleanest restroom of any place I have ever been. 

They hand you samples of their cookies and candies as you enter and offer a sample of fresh-brewed Kona coffee before you even start your shopping.  Samples of their newest products are placed around the store. And boy is it tempting.  When you are done sampling, you can watch the cookies being dipped in chocolate through the big glass windows that line one wall.

It's a great place to stop whenever you're in Hilo and best of all it's just one block away from Kilauea Kreations Quilt Shop. They have several rooms in a renovated house chock full of batiks, asian fabrics, patterns, notions, and Janome sewing machines.  So there you have it -- two great stops in one!


RoseofSharonStudio said...

Thank you Kathy! Next time we are on our island I will be sure to visit both places. Chocolate and fabric, it could only be better if I made a stop at the Volcano winery :) Chocolate, fabric, and wine, Oh My!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Sharon,

I always forget about the winery. I haven't even been there yet.