Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Have you blurbed yet? I don't even know if that's a real word or one I just created. But I do know that Blurb is a company that makes it possible for you to create books on your computer, upload them and have them published on-demand. You use their templates or create your own to format the books and then add your own text and photos. When you're done, you can purchase as few or as many copies as you want whenever you want. Prices depend on the size of the book but I think they start at about $10.95 each for a 7x7" softcover book.

I'm making my neighbor a book for Christmas (hope she doesn't read this). It's full of pictures I took of cats like these.

I'm almost finished and then I will order a copy for myself to see how it looks up close and personal. This might become her copy or I might order another one for her and keep this one for myself. The pictures are adorable as are the cats.

When it's finished and I've seen the actual book in person, I will post the URL so you can see it too.  The nice thing is, you don't have to buy and store copies if you plan to sell your book. People you don't even know can find your book on-line and purchase it themselves at whatever price you set.  And of course you can still market it yourself and buy lots of copies to have ready for on-the-spot sales if you prefer.  In fact, I might just take a few to the next craft fair -- because who doesn't want a book of  adorable cat pictures???

I'm already planning on doing another book -- this one is on how to wear scarves since that's the one question I am asked all the time at craft fairs. It will be an expansion of the info I have already started posting on the blog.  Not everyone who buys my scarves is on the Internet, believe it or not. So it's hard to direct them to my website to find the info.  But I need to start it soon since craft fair season will be in full swing in November.

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sonja said...

that sounds like something i must try! and that orange tabby resembles my Hammy that has not been seen around here since mid August...... cats i have known wh ould be a good title for such a booket.(at first i read burping , now i get it) today am painting several cloth Santas that are bullet shaped like old candy mold of the past...