Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Orchid Kitty

This little cat was chasing a bird up a tree at the Orchid Hotel at Mauna Lani. She was so cute and friendly I couldn't help but take her picture. (And No, she didn't catch the bird). The day before I was sitting by the pool at the same hotel and a little black and gray tabby jumped right up on my lounge and started purring.

We have lots and lots of feral cats on the Big Island.  Many of them are trapped, neutered and returned to their "colony" to be fed by a volunteer each day.  Many of the hotels control their cat population this way, feeding them at night after all the restaurants are closed and guests are tucked away for the night. You usually don't see them but occasionally one is brave enough to mingle with the guests. Another reason to love the Big Island!

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RoseofSharonStudio said...

Like you, Kathy, I adore the Big Island, and will one day call it my permanent home. Right now tho I have to settle on visiting my home while living elsewhere. :) We stay at our time share in Kailua and they have feral cats there also. One adopted me a couple of years ago. I named him Kona~boy. He remembers me and comes to visit our condo every day while we are there. I guess the shrimp I feed him leave a lasting impression.