Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shell Ginger

There are lots of different types of ginger growing in Hawaii but one with very pretty foliage is the variegated shell ginger:

These are pretty common in the landscaping around the hotels.  They don't bloom the first year so obviously these have been around for at least that long.  They did not have the buds on them last week so this must be the time for them to start blooming. I will try and get another picture when the plant is in full bloom. Unlike a lot of the other gingers, these don't have a fragrance unless you crush them in your hands.

The leaves on this particular plant were quite large and the entire plant was at least 5 foot high.  I really like the leaves -- attractive even when they aren't in bloom.

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sonja said...

i love the shell ginger. the variegated leaf is special. i had the one with the solid green leaves that grew to a height of 20 feet! when i paint that flower i ad a touch of sparkle as the flowers are so luminous, like tiny shells.when fully open, amazing. Kathy , good photos! more!!