Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dyeing with ice and a colandar

It's been awhile since I've done any fabric dyeing so I wasn't sure how my first pieces would turn out. But happily, I was pleased.  I did a few by stuffing them in a container and pouring the dye and then soda ash over them.

Then I did a few more with ice cubes. I soaked the fabric in soda ash and then scrunched it up and put it in the bottom of a plastic colandar. I covered the fabric with a couple layers of ice cubes and then poured dye on top of the ice.  I left it alone until all the dye dripped down onto the fabric. 

This is the type of colandar I used:

The last few I did without the ice. I soaked the fabric in soda ash, scrunched it up and placed it on the bottom of my sink. My sink is Corian so the dye doesn't stain. I sat the colandar on top of the fabric and squirted dye in the colandar and waited for it to seep through the holes.

You can see some of the results in the photos above.

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