Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Helper ...Not

Why is it that cats think they were put on this earth to "help" with everything you do? My three cats have no problem walking right through the dye pots, onto the fabric I'm trying to dye and then worse yet, onto the furniture, leaving colorful paw prints on everything they touch. And shut them out of the room and you would think they are being tortured! The noise they make!
This is Mollie, one of my three feline helpers. She's a little cat but quite territorial and chases any cat that dares to come near our lanai. However, she's the first to turn and run if they come towards her. She was rescued from the Waimea Humane Society Shelter when she was two. I don't know her background but she had been in another shelter on the other side of the island and rather than put her down, they moved her to Waimea for one last chance at a new home. Lucky for me. She's now about 6 years old -- almost a mature adult in cat years. She would really love to be an only cat, but she's stuck with two sisters.

More fabric dyeing yesterday -- some blues, browns, and greens:

One more dye session and I'll be through with these dyes and ready to mix some different colors. I try not to keep the mixed dye more than a few days unless I'm using it on silk.


Linda said...

Congrats on your new blog! I've missed my Hawaiian culture and history (I guess I'm being redundant) lessons and the thrill of winning. But of course we all must move on...my problem is that I don't do that so well. OK I'm getting a little sappy now, what I wanted to tell you is that I would love to see little blue kitty paw prints all over your next pink, yellow or orange hand dyed fabric. Best wishes in the new year! And glad to see you're writing again.

sonja said...

Mollie is so pretty, a young version of peewee , he who must be obeyed and is 18 if i recall correctly.
one of the first pieces of hand painted fabric i sold at a Quilt Hawaii conference one year was the one Hammy walked across before it was dry....leaving a crooked trail of blue prints across a rainbow field! a true cat lovers treasure and a fine backing for any quilt!

Kathy said...

sonja, I was hoping you would see Mollie since we've talked about her before. I remember the Hammy fabric at Quilt Hawaii. Hope you bring more Hammy signed fabric this year.