Monday, August 12, 2013

What a Difference a Day (or More) Makes

I collected a bag full of naupaka leaves fresh from the plant and soaked them in water prior to boiling and then using that as a dye.
This is the naupaka plant - you can see the bright green color in the leaves.
The fabric on the right, with the lovely green color, was dyed after I soaked the leaves overnight.
The fabric on the left was dyed after I left the leaves to soak more than a week and they had started to turn brown. Although the color is not accurate in the photo, it's a wonderful deep butter yellow. After looking at the leaves, I expected the dyed fabric to be a cream or brownish at best. The butter yellow was a nice surprise. So I no longer have to throw out the leaves I collected and forgot to use last week.  Natural dyeing continues to give me suprises. Now if I could get the color right in the photos I'd be happy.

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sonja said...

Ain't nature grand?
And she is full of surprise and lovely colors for the scarves!