Friday, September 14, 2012

Visiting the Hawaii Craftsmen Show

Last Friday when I was in Honolulu I found time to stop in to see the Hawaii Craftsmen show. I especially wanted to go this year because my friend Joan who lives on Kauai had a piece juried into the show. Once I got there, I recognized several names from the Big Island as well.

The gallery was really well lit and it was easy to move among the artwork, but a lot of the pedestals were so low to the ground you had to bend way over or squat to read the wall card or even get a good look at the piece.
Most of the quilts were grouped in one corner of the room on the wall.

Joan's Entry
There were some spectacular feather lei, a model of an outrigger canoe made from computer chips, a model of a predator drone made from knives confiscated by the TSA (that's what the wall card said - now you know where all the stuff they collect from you goes - someone is making art out of it)
There were also some beautiful wooden bowls, jewelry of all kinds, ceramics, a lovely woven silk scarf, leis/necklaces made out of what looked like paper with fancy edges, people made out of silverware, beaded figurines and 3-D landscapes, and many other items I've now forgotten.


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