Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A diversion

Even with eyes that are still a little blurry, I needed to do some sewing to keep from being totally bored, so I finished the pile of prayer blankets that I promised for early September.

These are just two one-yard pieces of fabric sewn RST, turned inside out and topstitched. Our hospital offeres them to all the patients to use and take home with them.

The sewing is a bit boring; the fun is in coordinating the fabrics. When I sew them for the hospital I don't get to choose the fabrics but this batch I made for a special request outside of the hospital and I got to choose the fabrics. 

The photos below show the front and a smaller section of the back. The criteria for this batch of 12 was that they would be given to a combination of men, women and children, depending on who is in need and most had to be appropriate for all three categories. Oh, and they had to reflect Hawaii.

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