Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Turtle Down

One turtle down and I to go. I finished the Herd of Turtles quilt I made for a charity donation and am about to start another one for a baby gift.

This pattern is called  Herd of Turtles and is from Pacific Rim Quilt Company. It's one of their 2-fabric applique patterns. It goes quickly even with hand applique and hand quilting and is quite striking when done.  The one I'm working on now also has a blue background but the turtles are green rather than brown. I have just a couple of weeks to get it done. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Since you have to copy the pattern on to the top fabric before you start the applique, I usually tape the pattern on the living room window and then tape the fabric on top and the pattern shows through and it's easy to trace. For some reason, I could not see the pattern through this fabric when it was on the window. So I took it all down, went out and got the old fashioned carbon/tracing paper so I could trace it from top. But the lines from the tracing paper wouldn't show up on the fabric - or at least not dark enough to see.  Finally I pulled out the light table and had more success.  I hope the rest of the quilt goes more smoothly.


sonja said...

what size are these quilts? lovely with your hand dyed fabric.
the blue looks like a pool to dive into!

Kathy said...

They aren't very big -- I think maybe 30x36.