Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kona Nightingales

Me and Daisy

Daisy is a 10-month old donkey owned by our neighbor who is a veterinarian. Daisy came to visit the art gallery yesterday and happily mingled with guests at the reception.  This was her first appearance among crowds and she was a real trooper.  Dr Bergin said that she has the ability to calm the animals who come in to the clinic scared and nervous.  And she does this on her own with. Who knew a donkey could do that?

The Firehouse Gallery in Waimea, where Daisy made her appearance, is having a show all this month to raise money to rescue the herd of donkeys that roam the pastures between Waikoloa and Waimea.  There are several hundred of them and they are in danger of starving if they aren't adopted and/or the herd kept under control. So Dr Brady Bergin, with his own money, is sterilizing them one by one and finding homes for them.

All the artwork in the show has donkeys as the subject and all proceeds are going to Dr Bergin and the donkeys.  Needless to say Daisy attracted lots of attention and hopefully will help to raise lots of money. 

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