Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time for a change -- maybe

I've been looking for something different to display the extra inventory of scarves when I'm at a craft fair.  Right now I use the wooden, collapsible drying racks. They're easy to transport, lightweight and able to hold about 50 or 60 scarves each. I usually have two racks set up in addition to the scarves on the table.  But I'm ready for a change and want something that doesn't take up as much floor space and looks more professional. 

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.  A web search gave me a few ideas but none of them are exactly right. I'm not handy with tools so making my own is not an option...

This one looks professional, is sturdy and collapsible but it takes as much room as the drying racks.

This one is a possibility because it can sit on a table with the scarves cascading down. It frees up the floor space and would allow me to display a lot of scarves in a relatively small space on the table. I've only found it on one website -- the company is located in Canada so shipping costs might be an issue and there was no price on the website so I'm not sure of the cost.

This waterfall display is my favorite but it too would have to sit on the floor since it's about 5' tall.  However, it would hold lots of scarves and allow customers to easily flip through them. 

I guess I need to keep looking.

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