Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Moo - ing

I've been looking at the Moo website for ages so when my friend Jill's birthday rolled around I knew what to get her!  Business cards with her photography on one side and contact info on the other side.

Moo lets you upload a different photo for each card if you want so you can have a real variety of cards to hand out.  It was easy and fast to upload and the turnaround time was great.  

I wondered about the quality but it was really good.  These are a couple of the cards I did for her.  Since it was supposed to be a suprise, I had to use the pictures I already had -- she has some great sunsets but of course I didn't have any of those so the ones I did were mostly cats and flowers. 

The cards are really substantial -- the paper is not at all flimsy like a lot of business cards and it looks like they will give you 50 free to try out.  You probably have to pay for shipping -- I didn't read the fine print. Just saw it on their website.

So now Jill has no reason not to hand out her business cards and promote her photography business! 

Now I'm off to see if the latest version of my scarf book has passed the "print review" and is ready to proof.  More on that later.

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sonja said...

that is a wonderful gift for Jill. valuable info as well for me who likes lotsa different cards photos.Brilliant!