Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going in Circles

I'm working on some circle or tube scarves.  These are scarves with the ends sewn together so they form a circle.   I started out by sewing together the ends of a 14x72" scarf just to get an idea of how this length will work and whether this method will work.  The other option is to cut the exact size I want from a roll of silk  fabric. But that means I have to hand roll the edges, which takes a lot of time, so I'm hoping I can use already hemmed scarves. Anyway, here's the first attempt:

To wear it, you place it over your head with the seam at the back. Then cross one side over the other to make a loop. Then put the loop over your head.  This will give you a nice full cowl neckline look like you see in the picture below

If you want the scarf closer to your neck, just pull one of the loops closer to your neck and twist the other over your head one more time.  This will give you more of a choker look.

You can also wear this as a "shrug" and as a head covering.  I need some arms and a head on my "model" to demonstrate those but you get the idea...

So in the end, I think I need to do a bit more work on the seam to make it look more professional, but the length is good so I'm off to make another attempt at a nicer looking seam on the pre-hemmed scarves.

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sonja said...

what a great idea Kathy! and these scarves also make great hatbands for those straw hats we should wear while outside or going to tea....