Monday, September 6, 2010

Famous Last Words

Yes, that is me at an outdoor show! After posting all the reasons why I don't do outdoor shows, I arrive at my show yesterday only to find that it's an OUTDOOR show!  It was hot and the wind did kick in for a little while, but there were lots of lava rocks around to stick in the bags, so for the most part it turned out OK. Sales were not great but once the shade kicked in it was nice to just sit there and listen to the slack key guitar concert going on inside. And I met a really nice lady who was at the booth next to me. So all in all, it turned out OK.  But I still think outdoor shows are not for me.

I had my scarf,card and bag sets arranged on the table in two tiers.

The rest of the scarves I hung on clothes drying racks. It's easy for the customers to see what other colors and patterns I have and easy for them to pull them off for a closer look.  And the racks fold down and are lightweight, so easy to pack and move.  Works for me.

Even when a customer doesn't buy, they are usually pulled in by the array of color. 

Now to get ready for the Honolulu show later this week. A last minute check of what will fit in each suitcase and which suitcases I have to send ahead.  Regardless of how my sales turn out, this show will be like a vacation -- another island, city not country and a giant mall just across the way from the hotel. What more could I ask for?


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Susan said...

I can understand why the color draws people into your booth. Beautiful scarves!!! Hope you have a good show in Honolua.