Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back from the Hawaii Woman Expo

Healthy chocolate, investments, crafts, free massages, free facials, free food tastings, classes, fashion shows, adorable puppies up for adoption, jewelry, clothing, bags, scarves and more -- I was surrounded by all of this at the Expo last weekend.

My booth was next to a booth marketing healthy dark chocolate and other products by an MLM company called Waiora. Who would have guessed the chocolate, called Chava, could be infused with even more healthy ingredients? Free samples brought lots of interest.

We were located near the stage which was good and bad -- we had a good view of the activities but it was hard to talk to your customers over the noise and by the end of the weekend my voice was pretty much gone! I met some really nice people and I'm motivated to do some more Oahu shows so we'll see what happens. 

I had more shawls at this show -- some with fringe and some without. Those without fringe are pareau size (about 45x72") and  can be worn as a shawl, tied at the ends and worn as a cape, or folded in half, and slipped over the shoulders.

My friend Sonja Hagemann from Oahu helped me setup and man the booth all three days. She also had some of her purses available for sale. The lucky buyers got great one of a kind purses like you see here.

She adds all kinds of personal touches and none of her creations are mass-produced.  Each one is unique and carries with it Sonja's personal touch.

I intended to walk around Waikiki on Monday morning before I left for the airport but I slept in and ended up driving through instead. I wanted to find the Waikiki Marriott, the site of next year's Quilt Hawaii. It's a block from the Park at the Diamond Head end of Waikiki and across the street from the beach so it's a good location.

Thanks to all my new and repeat customers. I will soon be putting scarves on my blog for those who want to buy and can't reach me in person. Stay tuned.

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