Friday, August 13, 2010

Suprise at the Haleiwa Arts Festival

At the end of July, we suprised my friend Sonja Hagemann by flying over to Honolulu and appearing unannounced at her booth at the Haleiwa arts Festival on the North Shore of Oahu. 

Her booth was charming as always and she was surrounded by people admiring her work and better yet, buying her work.  She has a style truly her own and each piece comes with a story that only Sonja can tell you. It's what makes her work so unique. After hearing Sonja tell you how and why she created the piece you want to own, you really feel like you are taking a little bitof Sonja home with you.  I can see why her fans come back each year and pick up another treasure.


RoseofSharonStudio said...

Kathy, you are so right about our friend Sonja and her work. I enjoyed meeting you at QH (although briefly). I bet Sonja was surprised to see you and that you all had a great time. Wish I could have been there! Aloha!

Kathy said...

Hi Sharon, I wish you had been there too -- it would have been an even bigger suprise for her. Maybe we'll meet again at next year's Quilt Hawaii. I hear it's going to be in Honolulu.


sonja said...

Sharon and Kathy,
you guys are so great with your support of the fabric arts ,especially mine! i was so happily suprised by The big island girls . that was a super dooper day. can't wait to see u 2 again.