Friday, August 13, 2010

Who could resist?

Who could resist these adorable kittens I found snuggled up with their Mom on a chair on my lanai? 

You can't see the Mom -- just a bit of her dark fur, but you can see a little bit of each of the four kittens.  Usually they race away when they hear even the slightest noise, but either they are getting used to me or they were too sleepy to run.  As soon as they get old enough, we'll have them spayed or neutered and let them run wild in the pasture next door. There is plenty of food for them and we all have as many indoor cats as we can deal with.  We could take them to the Humane Society but none of us have the heart to do that. There is real explosion of cats on this island and the chance of feral kittens getting adopted is not as good as kittens that have already been socialized and can be easily picked up and petted. So here's to a good life as a pasture cat!


RoseofSharonStudio said...

Kathy, they are beautiful, and if they adopt you and the pasture life you will have plenty of affection and entertainment! Just look at those sleepy eyes! Just adorable. Some feral cats socialize very well, some don't. But I wish you well with these adorable kittens.
And hope they become ohana! :)

sonja said...

oh my heart be still! i went off to a retreat 3 day last Saturday afternoon and My Hammy has been missing ever since. he has been our tonka , amazing ginger tabby dude 11 years and i hope he comes home real soon....boogie and D and i, we are missing his orangeness allot.. he liked to put his foot on ours and he would sit on our feet when we stood still on walk.