Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spinning in Place

Spinning in Place is 16x20". It's three layers -- a mini quilt mounted on a piece of hand dyed fabric which is mounted on the green dotted commercial batik fabric. The batik fabric is stretched over an artist canvas . It makes more of a statement and makes it easier for people to envision it hanging in their home than if I had left it unmounted and placed on a hanger of some sort.

I started out with the black piece mounted on the green and decided it was OK but sort of blah, so I tried a number of different layouts and felt there was still something missing. So I pulled out all my hand dyed fabric to see if I could find a piece that would work with the green batik and the black mini-quilt and still have some character of it's own. This is what I came up with. I originally had all three pieces stacked vertically but that seemed boring too, so I started twisting and turning until I came up with a layout that had some interest.

It will hang in the local Firehouse Gallery in Waimea for the next month or two unless it's sold before then (I can only hope...)

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