Friday, March 12, 2010

I Finally Saw It

That flash of green that appears momentarily on the horizon just as the sun drops out of sight. After all these years in Hawaii this is the first time I've seen a really good flash of green at sunset. This time I was up the road from the Kawaihae harbor watching some whales and  there it was - just for a second. It looked something like this although the sky was not as black as this photo from the Bishop Museum website, which explains in easy to understand terms how and why this happens  

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sonja said...

Kathy ,i have seen the green flash many times. it looks like those shades on what i call banker's lamps (or library) a sorta Vaseline green and oblongish moment and then its gone. some say it must land in the ocean to be seen. try looking VERY briefly thru binoculars just as it drops.