Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference

This fall Jill Breaux came with me to a craft fair I was doing in Hilo. Jill is a great photographer and she brought along some of her photo greeting cards to sell. As we were setting up the display, one of us started spreading out her cards with my scarves and right away we saw we had discovered a great display technique. I display my scarves draped over bags. By adding a color-coordinated photo card to the bag and scarf, there was a whole new look to the display, the scarves and the cards. It was one of the best shows and we had an amazing number of compliments on our display. Simple yet so effective! From then on, the cards and scarves have been appearing together at every show.

By the way, these are the hand dyed silk scarves that I was talking about a few days ago in my post on the perils of taking shortcuts.

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sonja said...

that is an artful and thoughtful display especially if the scarf is a gift!