Silk Shibori Scarves

Here are some photos of the silk shibori scarves I make. I start with a blank white piece of silk already cut and hemmed. Sometimes I start with a white scarf and sometimes I dye the entire scarf a light color as a base before I do any wrapping.  I wrap this around a PVC pole with string and when the entire scarf is wrapped I compress the scarf as tightly as I can and put it into the dye bath. If I twist and turn the fabric as I am compressing it I get more patterns on the finished product. If I just compress the fabric without twisting or turning  I get a diagonal pattern when the fabric comes out of the dye pot.  If I want a cross hatch pattern I wash and dry the scarf after it comes out of the dye bath and then repeat the entire process with the same dye color or a different dye color, depending on how I want the final product to look.

The scarves below are wrapped the same way but instead of putting them in just one color, I pour multiple colors over the wrapped scarves.

All of these scarves are 100% silk (either chiffon, crepe or charmeuse). The chiffon is the lightest weight and the least slippery. The crepe is a little heavier and has a slight texture and the charmeuse is the silkiest and much heavier.

I have been making the scarves in a variety of lengths but I have pretty much standardized on 14x72 as the most versatile and 20x72 for those who want a scarf that can double as a shawl. These larger scarves are available only in chiffon. 

Contact me at if you're interested in a purchase and to see what is currently in stock. They are all one of a kind so I am unable to duplicate any of the ones you see here. Prices are $40 each or $35 if you buy more than one. Shipping is included in the price.

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