Bamboo Socks

These super soft and comfy socks are made of 94% bamboo and 6% spandex. They keep you really warm on a cold night ad are soo comfortable to wear.  They come in two styles: Crew (which come up to mid calf) and footies (which come just below your ankle). They fit adult sock sizes 9-11. I also have some that fit sock sizes 11-13, not pictured.

Crew socks on the left and footies on the right.

A  sample of the Crew Socks available for purchase today. Prices are: $8 for one pair, $20 or 3 pairs and $30 for 6 pairs.

A sample of the footies available for purchase today. Prices are $4 for one pair, $10 for 3 pairs and $20 for 6 pairs.

Contact me at to purchase.

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Unknown said...

These are my favorite socks on the planet! Beyond beautiful, they feel amazing and wash so well. Before discovering these quality socks, I used to be a slippahz-only kind of girl. With these, now I enjoy wearing shoes often. My posture is better and I seem to get more work done. Best of all, they add just the right brand of colorful style to my kicks. However regular socks no longer cut it for me. I've become a (well-meaning) sock snob! Thank you so much!