Friday, December 27, 2013

New Shibori Scarves

Took off yesterday from dyeing devore scarves to play with shibori techniques.  These were a good addition to the devore scarves at my craft fairs this year. Much more time-consuming to make but unique results. All are either chiffon or crepe silk dyed with a combination of natural dyes and silk dyes.
Orange and green silk dye on pale yellow-green. Folded, wrapped and dyed once. Lightweight chiffon 22x72
Pastel violet, blue and pink on cream. Wrapped and dyed once. Crepe. 14x72
Indigo dye on chiffon scarf. Folded, wrapped and dyed four times. Lightweight  chiffon. 22x72.
Violet silk dye on leaf green background. Folded, wrapped and dyed multiple times. Crepe.
Black discharged to tan. Wrapped once. Crepe.

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