Sunday, November 3, 2013

Find Me at Disney

If you haven't been to the Disney resort on Oahu, here's a picture of the outside and one of the lobby. The lobby is full of wood and stone. The outside of the buildings are a kind of rusty orangey color. 

I was there to see my first shipment of scarves on display in their made-in-Hawaii store. If you are in the Kapolei area,  stop by and check them out. I don't know the price because I couldn't see one posted anywhere.
The hotel is in the Ko'olina resort along with the Marriott, some condos,  a little shopping center, the lagoons that are open to the pubic for swimming and I'm not sure what else.
You get 30 minutes of free parking in the Disney garage so there is just enough time to park, walk up to then lobby, and take a left to the stores. One is a Disney logo store and right across from that is their made in Hawaii products store. I'm sure they validate parking with some amount of purchases but I didn't try.
There were lots of kids as you might expect and some Disney characters posing for picturesI wasn't there long enough to explore the grounds. It's on the ocean but from the lobby you mostly see lots of trees and man-made lagoons - or at least that was the view from where I was standing.

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