Monday, April 15, 2013

Natural Dyeing Class

I'm taking a class in Natural Dyeing at the Honolulu Museum of Art School and this time we dyed with cochineal and madder.  The results were rather pale in my mind but then we were all using the same dye bath and it had way too many pieces of fabric to soak up the dye.


On the left is the cochineal and indigo mix, cochineal mixed with cream of tartar, madder and plain cochineal.  The fabric is silk charmeuse which normally takes the dye very well. At least I got very even results with all the stirring we did.  We left the fabric in the dye just 30 minutes and prior to dyeing we soaked it in alum for 30 minutes.

Next week we work with weld for yellow and overdye with indigo to get green.


sonja said...

nice colors for spring, especially indigo. natural dyes are softer but I have only worked with cottons when I was weaving long ago.what mordents are used with these?

Kathy said...


we used alum with both the madder and the cochineal. The same stuff you use for pickling. The indigo doesn't require a mordant.