Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Florigia is Underway

My friend Lorane and I are both doing the same quilt but in different colors. Her's is going to look like a rainbow -- mine's going to look like I don't know what. I'm just using scraps in purples, limes and orange. The patterns is called Florigia. It's paper pieced and was in a recent issue of Keepsake Quilting, available as a kit. Because I wanted to use my own fabric and the pattern wasn't available for sale by itself, I did a search and found it at one of the Anthology fabric company's website as a free download.

To start the quilt, you make 12 wedges (the arc's at the outside of the quilt). Each wedge is made up of four pieces.  My first two wedges are complete; only 10 wedges (40 paper pieced sections) more to go!

The actual colors are more purple and lime green.

After these wedges are made, you add on to the sides of them in a french-braid fashion. In my case, the colors of these fabrics will be shades of lime green with an orange accent piece running down the middle. You have to see it in person to realize it will actually look really good. My biggest fear is getting all the pieces done and not being able to get them to lie flat when they are sewn together. 

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