Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Sunday in Kona

My friend Stephanie who is visiting from California decided to do the 10-mile run in Kona on Sunday morning and I volunteered to drive her into town and wait for her to finish.  The run started at the pier at 8am and went down Alii Drive and back. While she was running, I was enjoying breakfast at Fishopper's restaurant, watching all the runners go by. There were three races, a one-mile, a 3.5mile and the 10 mile - lots of young kids and families doing the 1 mile.  While I was waiting for my friend to finish, I wandered up and down Alii drive looking for some photo op. Since it was Sunday morning, there were few people and almost nothing open.

Hala Tree at Hulihee Palace - I love the roots


African Tulip Tree

Pink Plumeria

Hibiscus - about to open

Saffron Finch?

Another saffron finch?





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