Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winding Ways

Winding Ways Quilts

I belong to the Mauna Kea Quilters group that meets on Saturdays in Waimea. This month we decided to try making a Winding Ways quilt, also known as the Wheel of Mystery.  Quite a few years ago, John Flynn was on the Big Island for Quilt Hawaii and he taught a Wheel of Mystery quilt using his laser-cut templates and fabric. Someone brought their finished quilt in (yes, finally finished after all these years) and we all got the urge to make one of our own.

We all brought in fabric and templates and patterns and tried to find the instructions that were the easiest to do. I think we all decided that the book by Nancy Elliott McDonald called Winding Way Quilts gave the best directions with lots of detailed illustrations.  Thanks to our member with her iPhone in her pocklet, we were even able to determine that had enough books in stock for eveyone who wanted to buy one. So it's off to gather fabric and get started.  I'll be waiting by the mailbox for my book to arrive!

The fun thing about this pattern is that it's an optical illusion - your blocks form circles without any work on your part!

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