Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The dyes I use for my scarves are temporarily at least in short supply from the manufacturer, so I spent some time experimenting with another dye to see if I can achieve the same result.

I used Procion dyes to dye the rayon part and my usual Alter Ego dyes for the silk part. I wanted to achieve different colors or at least different shades for a two-color effect.

The most successful result was by first dyeing the rayon with Procion dyes in the microwave.  I used an indigo blue volor dye.

Then I dyed the silk part with Turquoise Alter Ego dyes on the stove in the usual way.  The result was not quite what I was looking for because the Turquoise dye also colored the alredy-dyed rayon part so it is not as bright and dramatic.  

Looks like more experimenting is in my future.