Monday, August 15, 2011

In Print!

I received a call today from a gentleman in Honolulu asking about my scarves. He said he saw them in the "lei sheik" emaill that goes out daily and wanted to know if there was anywhere else in Honolulu he could buy them since he hadn't planned on coming to the Made in Hawaii Festival this weekend.  Not wanting to sound totally out of it, I didn't ask him to spell the name of the publication but I figured I hadn't heard it correctly.

Sure enough, it is actually Lei Chic and the email was about the upcoming Made in Hawaii Festival. They ended with a list of new vendors worth checking out and I was at the top of the list with a photograph of one of my scarves and a link to the blog. 

Another one of the vendors listed in the article was North Shore Goodies who make coconut peanut butter and chocolate coconut peanut butter using local coconuts and peanuts from the Big Island. I have to find out where their booth is located!

You can read the email at the Lei Chic home page

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Judi said...

congrats Cathy isn't it exciting to be in print.

My article on snowdyeing is going to be in an ebook this fall. Can't wait to see it.