Sunday, April 10, 2011

Darien Gee's new novel is out!

Darien Gee is a fiction writer who lives here in our town with her husband Darren Gee. He writes non-fiction books about improving your golf game.  She writes novels about relationships.  And I'm so happy to see her latest book has just arrived at our local library.  (Borders, our only mainstream bookstore, just closed it's only location on our island so now I either get on the wait list at the library or buy on line at Amazon.)

Friendship Bread: A Novel
The idea for the book came to her when someone brought her family some friendship bread starter. I've enjoyed her earlier novels (written under the pen name Mia King) and this one promises to be just as good. I've just started it and would be further along if I didn't also have to sleep and dye scarves.

You can read a summary on Amazon or just take my word for it and check it out in your local library. 

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