Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hooked on Books!

I was so happy with my cat book, I was motivated to finish the scarf book I've been working on. I just "published" it on Blurb.com, but you get to see it right here.

Whenever I have my scarves for sale, I'm always asked how to wear them. So I wrote step-by-step instructions and took photographs on how to tie your scarf in everything from a simple knot to a pareo and a halter top. It's an expansion of what I started on the blog a few weeks ago.

I'm hoping that by having this book available for customers to look at (and hopefully purchase), they will buy even more scarves. My next show is right before Thanksgiving so I should have some to sell by then. This will save the Hawaii folks lots of $$ in shipping. Everyone else who is interested in the book can either buy it from me or direct from the Blurb.com website. I'm selling it for $15.95 including shipping. It's softcover, 7"x7" and 34 pages long.  I'll even autograph it if you want!

1 comment:

sonja said...

that is a great book Kathy!
now you can save your voice at shows by flipping through the pages and what a good gift to tuck in with a few scarves for your customers. you are so good with the art of dyeing and the techno stuff,too!you rock!