Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who doesn't love a parade?

It's time for our annual Aloha Festivals Parade in Waimea. 

There are lots of princes and princesses on horses. One for each island and a few other categories. I have lots of pictures of these riders because I love the clothing and the flower lei on both rider and horse.  I think every rider and horse is decorated with a different flower lei. And the colors represent the color of the island they represent.  The parade is followed by a Ho'olaulea -- which is Hawaiian for celebration. This year's celebration is at the park where the parade ends. There's a big craft fair, food and live music and it runs until 4pm.  Fun!

And, of course, since Waimea is the home of Parker Ranch, all the festival princes, princesses, kings and queens were on horseback.

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RoseofSharonStudio said...

Aloha Kathy
Mahalo for sharing a little of my island with me while I have to be at my other home. It brightens my day! I am so homesick for my island. :)
I received my fabric and love it, I also told my friend Amanda about you and she bought and received her fabric too. And we both love it!
Mahalo plenty!