Thursday, April 1, 2010

Color concoctions

I've been using Alter Ego dyes to color my scarves in preparation for a few craft fairs this spring. 

The scarves are a combination of silk and rayon and with these dyes you can dye the silk one color and the rayon another color at the same time. No double dyeing required. 

There are 10 dyes for silk and 10 dyes for rayon -- two blues, purple, two reds, green, orange, yellow, brown and black. So there are innumerable color combinations to create. 

The conservative approach is the same color for the silk and the rayon.  If you are a bit less conservative, you can use the same color on both but you can go for a darker shade for the rayon and a lighter shade for the silk or vice versa. A little more daring? Then use one color for the silk and a totally different color for the rayon. For example, brown and black (very popular) or turquoise and yellow (also very popular) or red and purple or red and blue or pink and brown or... If you want to be even more daring you can use really bright shades of red and yellow or red and orange -- very popular in Hawaii. 

But I was getting bored with these combinations and decided to try and mix some of my own combinations. I decided I needed to do some in olive so I used some of the yellow and some of the black rayon dyes.  Came out perfect.  Then I went for a coppery-brown using vermillion, marron glace and passion. Another good color.  Of course I came up with some not so pleasing combinations too and some great combinations that looked good but maybe not if you were wearing those colors in a large scarf or a shawl. 

But I'll take all of my creations and have fun seeing which customers choose the conservative colors and which ones go for the more unusual combinations.

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Judi said...

those turned out great.