Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why do they do that?

I love my cat, Pebby, but why does she have to pick the hand woven basket to sit in?  It's obviously not her size, and she's not even supposed to be on the table let alone in the basket. Yet there she is as if she was invited to make herself at home.  I put the basket on the table until I had the right hardware to display it on the wall and Pebby ignored it for weeks. Now I can't get her out of it. 

Does she play with any of the toys she has?  Of course not, although she does love to roll in catnip and then race around the house like a crazy cat. She also loves to jump in and out of cardboard boxes. And as you might be able to see, she likes to eat. I'm thinking about spreading her food around the house and making her find it since that's about the only exercise I can get her to do.


sonja said...

Kathy, Peppy is so cute sorta the color of my Hammy only more white. he loves to jump on paper sacks from the store(we have a hot air popper for corn and need them ) when his sister Ivy was still here he would wait until she was inside to do so....i think a popular cat motto is "everything here is mine!"

Kathy said...

sonja, Hammy sounds like he would fit right in with my gang. I need to come over and see your menagerie in person. Quilt Hawaii is official with me as a vendor -- Ellen charged my credit card for the deposit so it must be a go.


sonja said...

sorry pebby, i am som what dislexic with letters, tho,
a fine trade off for the artistic side,
to me...