Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Four hours -- Four moods

Oahu has as many moods as the Big Island. Yesterday we went from big city to tourist mecca to surf city and to the country in just four hours. OK, so we didn't linger at any one place but we did get out and take lots of pictures. By the end of the day we decided you just can't do justice to Oahu in such a short time. But my friend Jill now has an idea of where she wants to go when she returns. These are pictures of the various coastlines as we traveled around the island. They are not in any particular order.


Judi said...

awesome pics thanks for sharing I couldn't imagine living in an area where it is that different in such a short distance.

sonja said...

HI Kathy,

that was a wonderful day a windy one but that blew the vog off and the sun came out .hope you flight wasn't too bumpy. the problem with this kind of weather is i always want to be outside and probably one good reason why i don't get as many quilts and arts made as i dream of.